TEG was able, with God’s grace, to place The Real Estate , Investment & Building Exhibition among the important, prominent and specialized exhibitions in the State of Kuwait. 
In fact, it has become the first exhibition of its kind in Kuwait (Exhibition of Property Exhibitions) to be organized for twice every year since 1995, and offers distinguished services to a large section of those specialized in this field through a variety of products and services offered from the State of Kuwait, GCC and numerous Arab and International countries. The exhibition and since 2008 hold once a year to be covering all property sectors with major part of the exhibition for building materials .
The Exhibition, through the participation of some of the largest local real estate companies, offers distinguished services to resolve the housing problem in Kuwait through several housing project offered by those large companies in various areas around the State of Kuwait, weather in the form of villas, plots or apartments.
We were able to secure the participation of local banks, offering housing and consumer loans that will in turn contribute and assist citizens not only to get their dream houses, but also get the finances to achieve this dream under one roof.
The Group was also able to secure the participation of companies offering real estate and investment opportunity in a number of GCC as well as Arab and foreign countries as a large sector of visitors to the exhibition has expressed interest and the fact that Kuwaiti citizens have always had interest in owning real estate and investing in these countries in search of promising investment opportunities.
To insure the best participation possible, we would like to take this opportunity to invite you to participate in this exhibition, though that we hope you will market your projects and products and attract the largest section of visitors.
We would like to also assure you that we will do our best efforts to offer you superior services and offer a comprehensive advertising and informative campaign for the exhibition to attract the largest section possible of visitors and achieve the goals of this exhibition. We hope you will join us in this distinguished exhibition. 
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